Using your Vagaro Account – Advanced

1. Editing your services – Times, Prices, and Processing Gaps

You can change your service prices and durations at any time. You can even indicate when there is a period of inactivity that you can use to attend to another client.

To change your services, go to the top menu and select “Manage Business”. From the drop-down menu, select “Employees”, and then “Employee profile”.

From here, select “Edit Services Menu”

This is your list of services offered. In each service’s row, you can edit the price in the “Price” column, and enter the length of the appointment (in minutes) under the “Time” column.

To stop offering the service, unclick the checkbox to remove it from your menu entirely.

To indicate if a service has a long period of inactivity, click the “Advanced” option. This will allow you to add a Processing Gap.

Enter the amount of time it takes to start the appointment, the amount of inactive time it takes for the chemicals to process, and the amount of time it takes to finish up the customer.

You will now be able to book appointments and attend to other customers during this inactive period.

2. Changing your service schedule

Once you have ensured that your service times are correct, you can specify your preferred working hours.

With the Vagaro calendar system, there is no need to calculate how much time is needed at the end of the day to perform a chemical service; the calendar does it for you!

Suppose that you only want to work until 6:00 on a given day. An online customer will not be allowed to book you for a 2-hour appointment any time after 4:00.

To edit your working hours, go to the top menu and select “Manage Business”. From the drop-down menu, select “Employees”, and then “Employee profile”.

Select “Edit working hours”.

Select which days you work, then enter your Starting and Ending times for each day.

3. Importing your contacts

Vagaro will allow you to import your contacts from almost any address book. To use this service, you must first export your contacts into a .csv file or an .xls file.

For specific instructions on how to export from each service, choose from the following instructions:

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. Outlook

For any further questions about the Vagaro software, please call Vagaro Support at (800) 919-0157, Extension 105

or refer to the help documentation.




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